Riches from a cheap place

Mike’s Discount Foods is a fun place to shop. Maybe not everyone would feel comfortable shopping there, but Mom used to take us to similar scratch and dent grocery stores when we were little. If you know the rules about food safety, you know which ones are okay to "break". An example would be using food after the expiration date as long as it was frozen before that date.
Last week, I took Linda to the store in Fridley. One of the things we found was boxes of Nestle European Style Mousse Mix. We picked Dark Chocolate. Following church Sunday morning, I had Linda whisk the chocolate powder with whole milk while I got the rest of our lunch ready. After our brief Sunday afternoon naps, the mousse had chilled long enough for us to indulge. We both like dark chocolate, but this stuff is really rich. We sipped from glasses of cold milk between small bites of the decadent dessert. Joel’s suggestion is that next time we swirl a bit of (what else?) creme fraiche in with the mousse. There is also a recipe for cheesecake that we may try another time.
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One thought on “Riches from a cheap place

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