"And they came to the Valley of Eshsol and cut down from there a branch with a single cluster of grapes,
and they carried it on a pole between two of them; "
– Numbers 13:23a
When I read this verse in Numbers this morning,  pictures of flannel graph men carrying a grapes the size of soft balls came to mind.  Just how big were the grapes that the spies brought back from the land "flowing with milk and honey"? Surely, the imagination of the Regular Baptist Press (?) artists went a little bit far. 
This website says that the children of Israel were used to smaller grapes in Egypt, when they had been held captive.  It also says that some grape clusters in the Promised Land weighed up to 12 lbs.
Perhaps you’ve heard of the "French Paradox": Some researchers believe that although many French indulge in a high-fat diet and smoke cigarettes,  their intake of red wine may play a part in the low incidence of heart disease.    My Biology / Nutrition teacher at MCTC  taught us from our text book a little bit about antioxidants.  To refresh my memory, I pulled my Fight Back With Food (not our textbook) off the kitchen shelf.  They claim that "grapes contain phytochemicals that may help to reduce risk for heart disease, cancer, and strokes."  You don’t have to drink the glass of red wine; unfermented purple grape juice, raisins, and fresh grapes should do the trick as well.
Raisins with your chicken curry.
Grapes in your chicken salad with walnuts.
Frozen grapes instead of a sugary popsicle.
Another nice thing about grapes: They can last for one to two months in the refrigerator.
If stored in a cool, dry place they will keep for up to a week at room temperature.
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