USA defines Korean: Bonappetit

Bon Appetit had a few pages about Korean Cuisine.  Since my sister lives in Seoul, I asked her if what they described was authentic:
Not really.  Korean bbq is absolutely wonderful!  They don’t use bone in meat though.  They don’t serve chicken and beef together either. You can order chicken, pork, or beef.  We usually order pork.  It is our favorite meal!  If you go to a Korean market, if you ask for meat for galbi (gallbee) they will know what you are talking about.  I have seen a bottle of marinade at the Korean market in Columbus.  I’ve never made it myself.  In the restaurants, you cook it on a grill which is in the center of the table.  It does cook up quite fast, since the meat itself is rather thin.  We use romaine?  and different types of lettuce leaves.  Sometimes they offer sesame leaves as well, but they have a very strong taste, and I don’t prefer them.  When I eat it, I generally put sticky rice on the lettuce, then maybe some red bean paste (also at the market.. so yummy!) a slice of roasted garlic, then the meat.  Wrap it up and put the whole thing in your mouth.  It really is a wonderful meal!  Mike said it was a lot of work, but still enjoyed it.  Koreans serve a lot of side dishes, so you can add any of those as well.  Kimchi of course, bean sprouts (marinated in something), spicy radishes… I really do love it.  I went to a restaurant in Columbus, and the price for galbi was horrendous.  It doesn’t make any sense.  It’s not that expensive to buy the ingredients.  You should try it sometime!  I really do hope to get out there this summer.  Perhaps we can try to make it together.
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