Brown Sauce

When we ate at Dolan’s Restaurant & Pub in Limerick, I snagged a condiment package off the table. They had little packets of ketchup, mustard, malt vinegar and brown sauce. 
Often, when you read the label of foods in the USA, you will find a warning about the product being produced in a factory that also handles nuts, because the risk that people with food allergies may have.  Interestingly enough, this sauce packet said:  Contains: Wheat, Gluten, Soya.  Produced in a factory that handles mustard.  Weird. Is mustard allergy common?
Next time I visit the grocery store, I’ll have to see if they have anything similar.  It tasted more fruity than our steak sauces.  Wikipedia says that the company that originally made it was bought out by Heinz in 2005.
Vinegar (Malt Vinegar), Dates Puree, Tomato Paste (28 g fresh Tomatoes per 100 g sauce), Glucose-fr.., Syrup, Water, Molasses, Modified Starch (Acetylated Di-Starch Adipate), Salt, Herbs, Ginger Puree, Malt, Soya Sauce (Soya, Wheat, Salt, Water), Spices, Flavouring.
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