No, I haven’t done any work on writing the Adventures of Chickie.  However, something I ran across to day reminded me of our egg shell shaped friend.
Russian Appetizer Ideas (Somebody wasn’t too careful with some of the translation into English on this web page.)
This decoration will be perfect for the assorted vegetable and meat cuts. You can "grow" small egg water lilies near the frogs.
Cut off a small bottom from a hard-boiled egg and make a small cut out in the top so that the yolk can be seen. Make a small tongue from the tomato and put in the cut. Poke small holes for the "eyes" and put in two greens peas. Make frog feet from onion springs or cucumber peel.
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One thought on “Chickie

  1. Katrina

    I used the idea of tomato-boiled-egg mushrooms from the website. However, I hollowed out the yolk and "deviled it with mayo, dill, and seasoned salt. Big cherry tomatoes worked well for the caps, but are probably more expensive than romas. It depends on if you have something to use the "waste" for. Sophia liked them well enough to eat 2!

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