Sometimes being prepared doesn’t pay off.   Joel asked if I would like to go out this evening.  The rice was already to go in the electric cooker as soon as 3:30 p.m. would roll around, and  I had stopped at Rainbow to purchase fresh pico and some zesty guacamole, though.  When I e mailed him back with my proposed menu, he replied, "Yea!!!!1111" .  So, I put a clean tablecloth, dishes, and silverware on the table along with the bottle of non-alcoholic Sangria that I had gotten at Methodist before heading home from volunteering this morning.  4 chicken and 6 beef style taquitos were toasting away in the oven beside a heap of spicy refried black beans. Two 1/2-ears of corn were boiling merrily on the stovetop. A CD of Colombian music was playing loudly…in the "background".
  "DING-dong!"  Was Joel being silly and ringing the bell?
 No. The maintenance guy was here to replace the IGF (?) switch on the outlet beside our kitchen sink.  I don’t blame him for coming then. Most people in the Twin Cities don’t eat supper at 4 in the afternoon.
  When Joel walked in a few minutes later, I put a finger to my lips and pointed to the back of the maintenance man.  We hid in the back room for a few minutes before deciding to visit the library.  By the time we returned he had finished his job. 
Fortunately, the temperature of the food was still high enough that I didn’t need to microwave our plates.
Mock Mexican Monday Menu
salad with green sauce
corn cobettes
chicken flavored rice
spicy refried black beans
chicken taquitos
beef style taquitos
Dean’s zesty guacamole
"hot" fresh salsa from Rainbow
sour cream
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