Temporary Employment

Makeup and dress pants?  My interview with Randstad Work Solutions is at 9 this morning.  The seminary bulletin board had an announcement  about a company that is hiring in Minnetonka.  The duties "would include baking cookies, greeting customers, serving beverages, gift wrapping, and glass cleaning".
Last week I was out in the cold, driving rain to buy ingredients for my own holiday baking. Monday and Tuesday I got down to work.
Cherry Almond Chews
Holiday Hideaways
White Chocolate Dipped Gingersnaps
Cream Cheese Caramel Swirls
Peppermint Bark Pretzel Nuggets
The recipes are from Taste of Home Books: Cookies for Christmas  2001(a free booklet you get for looking at the  hardback they want to you pay over $20 for).
See the attached picture of the results of following the recipe on page 14. I had to add an extra cup of flour, because they spread in the oven.  My photos don’t show the end result. You dip them in chocolate and sprinkle them with chopped nuts.  Fortunately, the "failures" fell on the floor. Otherwise I would have been severely tempted to eat them (as not to let them go to waste…just waist, as the familiar pun goes).
I sent one tray to Digital River with Joel. Another tray may go to Ault after my interview.  Now what to do with the rest?  Any non-dieters out there?
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One thought on “Temporary Employment

  1. Katrina

    Retail isn’t for me. . .that is, their hours aren’t compatible with our schedule.  So. I’ve decided not to work this holiday season.
    Erica and Arliss may invite me to join them on a trip to visit the American Swedish Institute.  Mrs. Hauser and Marne Hoeger will appreciate comapny. Olivia & Sophia need a babysitter on monday.  Al’s having a party at the end of the month.  We carol on Saturday. The retreat in Granite Falls is next month. 

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