Missionary Becky Lunde gave us the following quiz at Mrs. Hauser’s ladies’ fellowship brunch:
1. Sweater
2. Car Trunk
3. Molasses
4. Walker [ for older people ]
5. Hamburger roll
6. Semi Truck
7. To Irritate or bother
8. Car Hood
9. Stroller
10. Duplex
11. Cookie
12. Lima Bean
13. Flashlight
14. Elevator
15. Potato Chips
16. Jello
17. Do the dishes
18. Baby Pacifier
19. French Fries
20. Car Wind shield
21. Get under your skin
22. Jumper
23. Eggplant

A. Crisps
B. Niggle
C. Push chair
D. Boot
E. Biscuit
F. Jelly
G. Torch
H. Get up your nose
I. Aubergine
J. Lift
K. Jumper
L. Bonnet
M. Bap
N. Windscreen
O. Wash up
P. Zimmer Frame
Q. Dummy
R. Articulated Lorry
S. Pinafore
T. Treacle
U. Semi Detached
V. Chips
W. Broad Bean

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2 thoughts on “English

  1. Katrina

    Answers:1. Sweater K. jumper2. Car Trunk D. boot3. Molasses T. treacle4. Walker [ for older people ] P. zimmer frame5. Hamburger roll M. bap6. Semi Truck R. articulated lorry7. To Irritate or bother B. niggle8. Car Hood L. bonnet9. Stroller C. push chair10. Duplex U. semi detached11. Cookie E. biscuit12. Lima Bean W. broad bean13. Flashlight G. torch14. Elevator J. lift15. Potato Chips A. crisps16. Jello F. jelly17. Do the dishes O. wash up18. Baby Pacifier Q. dummy19. French Fries V. chips20. Car Wind shield N. windscreen21. Get under your skin H. get up your nose22. Jumper S. pinafore23. Eggplant I. aubergine

  2. Unknown

    Well I got 4,5, 18 &23 wrong.  I thought the walker was a ‘dummy’, the hamburger roll the ‘aubergine’ (it sounded like food, or an argyle sock) – the baby pacifier a ‘bap’, and the eggplant– yes, a zimmer frame.  With that sleek black covering the eggplant always looks to me like a black blimp, and ‘zimmer frame’ seemed most appropriate.

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