Chocolate dipped dates stuffed with mascarpone and sprinkled with almonds
Need I say more?
Technically speaking, mascarpone is not a cheese at all, but is rather a matured cream.  Made from the cream skimmed off the milk used in making Parmesan, it is nevertheless described as a curd cheese and is similar to a cream cheese, although it is thicker and more buttery.  Originally made in Tuscany and Lombardy, Mascarpone is now popular all over Itally and is the main ingredient of the most sensuous of Italian desserts, tiramisu.
Rich and creamy, mascarpone is one of the richest fresh cheeses with a fat cotent of 75%. It has an unassertive flavour, which means it is excellent in both sweet and savoury dishes and can also be served as a good alternative to double cream.  It is suitable for vegetarians.
~The World Encyclopedia of Cooking Ingredients  Christine Ingram
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