American Idol? The big screen

It was my turn to help set up for the communion service yesterday morning. While breaking the mazo crackers into smaller pieces we chatted a bit about how it was difficult (impossible)  to break them into uniform pieces. Fourth used to use oyster crackers. They are easier to set out, but not quite unleavened bread. The elements are "just" a symbol to help us remember, but we should not treat them lightly.
As I sat in the pew later, my eyes fixed on the big screen, my mind wandered away from the text that was projected there. Instead I focused on the background picture of a shiny communion tray of sparkling plastic cups filled with deep purple grape juice. I thought about a comment in one of my textbooks for English class. It had recommended that one not put pictures into documents if its function is merely to decorate rather than to provide helpful information.
At Christmas the platform is decorated with all sorts of trees and garlands and at Easter, flowers and ferns. This month the platform is somewhat bare until they splash it with red, white, & blue for the Patriotic musicale.
How are these thoughts connected?  I am wondering what an idol is.
We are commanded to use symbols in the communion service.
We are commanded not to make graven images.
Are pictures on the screen or in the bulletin innapropriate? Flowers on the platform? Good architchture in the sanctuary?
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2 thoughts on “American Idol? The big screen

  1. all

    To use a common phrase in blog debate over artistic expression, "Has not God told us how he is to be worshipped?" 
    Look at the tabernacle and the temple.  God demanded certain decorations in His House.  I always wondered if a sculpture of a pomegranate or ox could be called a graven image.
    Maybe making a "graven image" is different than making a "graven image unto you." 

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