Have you watched Disney’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe yet?  They had just rented out the last copy when Joel tried to get it at Hollywood Video this weekend.
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3 thoughts on “Narnia

  1. dm

    While Lori and I watched it (in the movie theatre..sssshhhhh), I sat there and commented, "That’s not in the book…That’s not in the book…hey, that didn’t happen in the book", and all the while Lori going, "Shhhh!  Just enjoy the movie"!  I was driving her nuts!
    Good movie, though Hollywood took a few liberties with the story line.

  2. Katrina

    The trailers were misleading.
     We got it last night and I fell asleep
     (Alright, I usually do fall asleep watching dvds anyway,
     but I didn’t even try to stay awake for this).
     I would compare it to a Hallmark Hall of Fame production.
     Good source material and ideas; bad production.
     Definitely, DO NOT recommend the movie to introduce friends
     to C.S. Lewis.

  3. dm

    CS Lewis was asked after he had written the book if Holy-waste could do a movie about the book.  CS Lewis flatly refused saying in effect that he would rather have someone read the book, and allow their imagination paint the picture than Holly-waste mess with the plot. 
    BTW, I never recommend any movie that is based on a book to anyone.  I want to read the book BEFORE  I see the movie.  I thought it was good, but in my opinion, the movie was a bit off the book, but that’s Holly-waste for you.

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