Say Cheese!

How did Joel describe it? Dirty? We have 4 triangles of Brie left from last week’s breakfast hour discussion of Shakespeare at Deborah Forteza’s apartment.
 I am only familiar with a recipe for baked brie with apricot jam and toasted almonds to serve as an appetizer with slices of fresh pear. Joel suggested that it didn’t sound very interesting, so I’m looking at images that come up with Google.
Here are a few that caught my eye.  Does any one have any experience using Brie? Suggestions?
Pain Perdu stuffed with ham and brie, served with roasted cherry tomatoes (use the edit find function or scroll all the way down to the bottom of this web page)
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One thought on “Say Cheese!

  1. florence

    great!   if you love brie cheese.  it is good with baked beans too; try it .  have fun.   take care.  

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