Teaching Methods

You are trying to distract a few little girls from the Jesus video while you babysit for a weekend church function.
There is a stack of blank paper and a bucket of crayons on the table. One child iis trying to draw a rose. One is writing a card to her father, requesting that they don’t get rid of their dog, Caspian.
The 7-year-old has begun with a few yellow stars and is now darkening the sky with blue. She tells you that you need to fill in the parts close to the stars because it is too hard for her.  How should you reply? 
~ Color the more intricate parts for her, but leave the open sky for her
~ Tell her to try it herself, so that by practicing she will perfect the art
~ something else: please explain
*if it makes any difference, all of the girls are homeschooled. . .
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4 thoughts on “Teaching Methods

  1. Unknown

    Is this a riddle, a trick question?  The first line says you are trying to distract the girls, so why not put the crayon bucket on your head and hop on one foot? 
    If your intent is to teach, you could demonstrate with one star and guide with another, etc.  If your intent is to be friends with her, sit down and share the task with a kind word and smile. 
    You really can’t solve her lack of self confidence or her parent’s unrealistic expectations in one evening of babysitting.  (just kidding) How’s that for reading into the situation? 

  2. Andy Rupert

    Why not paste stickers on their heads? It seemed to work for Joel. 🙂

  3. dm

    Let them express themselves however they choose!  No way is the wrong way!  To try to "correct" a child would hurt their fragile self-esteems!  You must let them do whatever they want!
    This coming from a man who has no kids!

  4. florence

    make a game of it you put a star next to hers,  let yer do the most of the coloring, kids love games.  good luck. take care

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