Pipe Dreams: Part 1

Two figures left the apartment building a few minutes past seven last night. Blue jeans and t- shirts "dressed up" with cardigan sweaters, were strangely appropriate for the organ recital that evening.

The blue 2001 Cavalier sped down 94 between the Basillica and the Walker Art Center, continuing to and through the curving tunnel before branching off toward St. Paul. Rather than the usual trip to Ford Parkway Half-Price Books, the car turned off Snelling down the wide boulevard that leads to the University of St. Thomas. It passed mansion after mansion as it neared the campus. Light melting out of the large windows invited passers-by to gaze into the otherwise seemingly uninhabited homes.

The car circled around the campus along the river before stopping in one of the park lots. Having arrived 30 minutes before the scheduled event, the two figures began the short walk up the hill. The chapel was dark, and the seminary receptionist suggested that perhaps they try the other side of campus. . . Selby and Cleaveland?

The frozen grass crunched beneath their feet as they returned to the Cavalier. 3 other cars sat running in the lot. Loud voices and coughing sounded in the chill night air. Something fishy was going on riverside, but the couple had neither the time nor inclination to stick around to find out what it was. Their car zipped away and through the darkness.

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