Sour Dough

It took me quite a while to decide what to purchase at MCTC to supplement what I had packed in my lunch. Microwave popcorn was on my mind, but I didn’t want a whole bag, because I knew how many empty calories it has.  Fortunately, the vending machines no longer carry microwave popcorn. Quite by accident, I picked out something "healthy". Pennysticks Brand honey mustard flavored sourdough bits were on the bottom shelf by the registers in the campus bookstore. The tag said $0.89.–the cheapest snack food that wasn’t chocolate or candy. 
 "$1.69." said the cashier.
I fished around for the extra change and handed it to him with the dollar bill that I had already gotten out of my wallet. Seems like an awful lot for tax… even if it is a snack, rather than tax-free food…
"The prices need to be updated. Sorry."
Knowing that the basement classrooms have a rule against food and beverages, I lugged my bookbag to one of the few tables that remained empty in the busy cafeteria. Hmmm. They looked nice and almost home made, but they don’t have much flavor.  Let’s see what the package says: 
 " A cholesterol-Free Food". 
"…an  innovator and leader in the oat bran pretzel category."
"In responding to the needs of health conscious consumers, Benzel’s once again asumes leadership within the industry with the first "low-fat" honey mustard flavored sourdough bits."
No wonder.
Despite their claim of low-fat, this little 5 oz. package is supposed to be 5 servings.  If you eat the whole thing by yourself, you get 600 calories, 10g fat, 1100mg sodium,  115g carbohydrate, and 5g sugars.
The good news is you get 15g protein.
So. If you want to indulge on a salty snack, I say get your money’s worth and calorie’s worth and  really indulge with Snyders or some other pretzel maker that coats them with strong flavoring
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