Fantastic Foods

More snow came last night, just as the grass was starting to show green again. Radio weather reports said that the Twin Cities would only have snow flurries today. As I look outside, though, the snow looks like feathers flying when the fox is in the hen house, or when your pillow explodes during an exciting bout with your siblings.

What better season for a warm bowl of soup?

Today I am using up one of the packaged meals that I got from the seminary pantry shower. Fantastic Foods Always Natural produces packaged meals. Preserved…packaged…"natural"?

The link to the nutritional information is missing online, so here’s what the box says:

Thai Lemon Grass with Rice Noodles 7.1 oz. (1 serving)$2.99

Baby corn, bamboo shoots and red bell peppers in a sauce of Lemon Grass and authentic Thai spices.

calories: 300

total fat 10 g

saturated fat 3.5 g

cholesterol 0

sodium 690 mg

Total carbohydrate 48 g

dietary fiber 3 g

sugars 4 g

protein 7 g

They advertise the product as microwaveable, but I don’t recommend trying to take it to work or school. You need a container that will hold 4 cups of boiling water in addition to the noodles and sauce-veggie tray. Since I’m at home today I followed the stove top instructions. 5 minutes and wah-lah! I found the "international" vegetarian dish satisfying. The noodles weren’t gummy and the vegetables were crisp. The flavors and spices were well balanced and did not have an offensive flavor, even though they weren’t completely familiar to my pallette.




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