Andrea Nelson and Deborah Forteza asked where I got the artwork we have framed in our apartment. Most of ours is from calendars or books we found at Half Price Books on clearance. Til We Have Faces was scanned from the book cover and printed at Kinko’s.  Quotations are good, and easily printed off the computer. Tonight I reprinted the following that we had up in the Twin Home when we lived in Moundsview:


We ought not to rest in the world and its enjoyments,

but should desire heaven.

We should "seek first the kingdom of God." (Mat. 6:33)

We ought above all things to desire a heavenly happiness; to be with God and dwell with Jesus Christ.

Though surrounded with outward enjoyments,

and settled in families with desirable friends and relations;

though we have companions whose society is delightful,

and children in whom we see many promising qualifications;

though we live by good neighbors, and are generally beloved where known;

we ought not to take our rest in these things as our portion.

We should be so far from resting in them, that we should desire to leave them all, in God’s due time.

We ought to possess, enjoy and use them,

with no other view but readily to quit them, whenever we are called to it,

and to change them willingly and cheerfully for heaven.

 Jonathan Edwards

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