Food for Thought

Logic is not my forte and I’ve not taken a class in it either, so I won’t pretend.

Here is something to consider, though: Recently, "experts" have suggested that consumption of the white flours, potatoes, rices, etc. should be avoided or at least reduced. Lactose intolerance awareness seems to have increased. So. Here is my question. Why would the creator "bless" his people with things that weren’t good for them? Why promise Israel a land flowing with milk and honey if it was going to ruin their health? Why use the illustration of the "bread of life"? Why choose bread at Passover and Communion?

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2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. all

    It’s so you have a better chance for self denial.

  2. dm

    That comment from Om2om3 makes no sense! I have heard of some, even in Christian churches, that will refuse to eat meat because of the factory farm techniques used to raise beef these days. God gave us dominion over the animals, and they think the factory farm is a far cry from their concept of God’s definition of "dominion". They think it’s cruel to keep those animals from being "free range". I say those animals end up as dinner anyway, so I don’t care if it’s "free range" or factory farm! They turn those cows into t-bones, porterhouses and hamburger patties! Yum yum!

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