Beer in the Cooler

A visit to my parents’ home in Columbus, Ohio inevitably includes a trip to at least one thrift store. Since I only needed a sweater for church on Sunday, I only needed a few minutes in the store. Sharon had three kids to shop for, so I decided to go to the Asian grocery store for cilantro and a few other things.
While we were in Iceland, Gunnar introduced us to a beverage mix that he said Mrs. Zartman had liked:
2 bottles Malta (people say it tastes like beer… but I wouldn’t know!)
You can find it in the Mexican section of most grocery stores
1 bottle orange soda
I bought the ingredients, but didn’t mix it up, because I don’t think it would go too well with the traditional Thanksgiving menu.
So, Doug, the "beer" is in the "cooler" (My mom & dad’s refrigerator) if you want to try it.
Attached is a picture of Doug and his wife Lori.  I’ll let him comment about the wig…
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One thought on “Beer in the Cooler

  1. dm

    My older brother had several bottles of "Malta" in his refrigerator. I took one sip, and that’s all it took to think it was the nastiest tasting stuff on Earth (next to "Moxie" that Tedd brought back from Maine once).As to the wig, I suppose I was just being my usually silly self! I think Andy’s kids thought it was funny! They were laughing loudly. Katie even said I was being silly!

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