Oh, Christmas Tree

"This is why I don’t enjoy Christmas! It is way too commercialized!" I heard another customer at Walgreens complain. The aisle was already twinkling with tinsel and gleaming with rolls of gift paper wrapped in plastic.
Strains of "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" are haunting my mind. Joel is hinting with Chanticleer and Montovani’s Orchestra that he would like to hang up the stands of white lights ALREADY…
But, today the temperature read 76 F for the high.  We saw a few orange, red, or yellow trees, but the picture will show you one of our favorites. Joel often comments about this magnificent evergreen as we pass it on our walk through the neighborhood.
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3 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree

  1. dm

    Well, this past month (early September), Lori and I were visiting her sister in Illinois. When we went to the local Elder-Beerman store, the stock crew was in the process of setting up the Christmas decorations. This was the week AFTER Labor Day! I remember the Christmas decorations went into the stores the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving, and "Santa" would show up on Friday AFTER Thanksgiving! My, how times have changed!

  2. Unknown

    Hey Katrina, Johanna here from Iceland. My mother has been trying to email you but she has only gotten one email from you and it seems that you havent gotten hers. It was a pitty that we missed you GreetingsJohanna

  3. Katrina

    Joel is already begging to go back, but he needs to focus on finishing his thesis first.I’m going to try to resend the email that I wrote September 15th.Hope to meet you face to face someday!

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