No Fear


           We got to church a little early on Wednesday night. Streams of sunlight were still reaching through the gathering clouds in the west. Faint sirens could be heard from where we sat in the auditorium, but I guess the storm didn’t really hit Plymouth.  By the time we drove home the damage had been done.  Fallen trees littered the neighborhoods, and some intersections were flooded. Street lights and traffic lights were out.  I was more afraid of Joel’s driving than the storm. 

            We had a few salt and vinegar crunchy kettle-style potato chips by candlelight before going to bed.

            Joel and I went to McDonalds for breakfast, since all of our appliances are run by electricity.  Jen, Sophia, and Olivia White lit their stove with a birthday candle, so I was their honored guest for lunch. Hot dogs, frozen watermelon, and baby dill pickles were on the menu. I brought the two chocolate “boxes” that I had frozen from Sunday’s meal as well as the leftover whipped cream. We read Papa Gatto before Olivia headed off for a nap, and I drove home.

            Two hours that evening were spent at the Hauser’s. Although they didn’t have electricity either, they did have a gas grill. So we cooked the hamburgers, hot dogs and bacon that would otherwise spoil, and I also heated up some baked beans and chili sauce.  Megan brought chips and angel food cake with peaches and whipped topping.  She and the children picked up the branches that had been blown down in the storm. 

            We still didn’t have electricity this morning, so we headed to IHOP shortly after 5 a.m.  Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, scrambled eggs and bacon were on my plate.  Joel had Mexican-style eggs with hashbrowns.  If I can get the charcoal lit this afternoon, I’ll cook all of the chicken that isn’t freezing in our powerless freezer.  Another lovely autumn barbeque!
Comment on your experience with the storm, if you like…Deborah, Mitchels, Whites, etc….
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