Greek Cheeses

Mizithra with browned butter, garlic and basil

Prepare spaghetti according to package directions. Meanwhile chop garlic and onion. Saute garlic and onion in butter. Add drained pasta to the saut d garlic and onion. Toss to coat. Arrange on plate, top with grated Mizithra and fresh, chopped basil.

~ DO NOT ADD SALT. You will regret it.

~ Joel thought that the cheese I bought had more moisture than the kind Old Spaghetti Factory uses.

~ He decided to add red wine vinegar to his plate too…


Mizithra: A cheese made from whey of Feta and Kefalotyri, Mizithra is available both fresh and aged. Fresh Mizithra is soft, similar to cottage cheese. Aged Mizithra is shaped like an ostrich egg, and is firm and pungent, rather like Italian Ricotta Salata. The aged variety makes an excellent grating cheese. It cost me $4 for 2/3 lb at Sudursky’s cheese shop

Feta: Genuine Greek Feta is made from sheep’s milk, with a distinct strong, slightly acidic flavor. Feta is crumbly in texture and white in color. Feta is traditionally sold in glass jars, although modern packaging techniques have become more commonplace. Feta needs to be covered in brine at all times otherwise it will dry out and mold fast and needs to be refrigerated at all times. Feta is a true eating cheese, although most Americans think of it as a salad topping.

Kefalotyri: This hard, pale, golden yellow cheese has a tange flavor and a sharp aroma reminiscent of Italian

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One thought on “Greek Cheeses

  1. dm

    A new slogan, Kat?"Feta! It’s not just a salad topping anymore"!

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