Flowery Beds of Ease

Sunday August 14th marked our 6th wedding anniversary. Last week we decided to use this as an excuse to take a break. After investigating plane fares and hotel rates, we agreed it would be best to reserve a room at a bed and breakfast. We chose Zumbrota, because it was far enough to be considered away, yet close enough that we wouldn’t spend a fortune on gas or too much time on the road. The Barteau House Bed & Breakfast is conveniently located between Cannon Falls, Rochester, and Red Wing, MN. After checking in Sunday afternoon, we walked around Rochester and revisited The Extrodinary Bookseller. We were the only ones booked (no pun intended) that evening, so I donned a bathrobe and walked down the parquee wood floor to the claw-foot bathtub. The imitation old-fashioned radio picked up the classical station nicely. This morning we had coffee at 8 (Joel had 4 cups, so it can’t have been too bad). Breakfast at 9 consisted of strawberry parfaits with vanilla yogurt, oatmeal-granola and almonds, crisp orange French toast, sausage patties and hash brown potatoes. Next, Joel drove the winding way northeast through the farmland in the pleasant morning sunlight. On our walk in Red Wing, quaint churches seemed to be on every corner and then next door as well! Our next stop was to be Fort Snelling, but we missed the exit and ended up at Hidden Falls Park instead. We walked along the river for about 40 minutes before heading home. Now we have showered and consumed Chinese take-out from House of Hui’s in Brooklyn Center.

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2 thoughts on “Flowery Beds of Ease

  1. dm

    Katie, Joel looks THRILLED that you’re staying at a B&B! Was that photo of the 2 of you taken BEFORE the 4 cups of coffee, or after the 4 cups of coffee?

  2. Unknown

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