Slim Goodbody

Ever wonder about those boxes of herbal slimming teas next to the Jasmine and Green teas at the oriental markets? Big Lots had various flavors, so I picked up a box of the orange spice to sate my curiosity. The ingredients include senna and malva leaves, panax ginseng, stevia leaves, natural orange flavor, and benzyl benzoate. The claim is that this natural blend of traditional herbs will increase your metabolic activity and cleanse your system…without caffeine!

A bit of internet research yielded information that the main ingredient is a laxative.

Fun. Fun. Sick. sick.

Stevia would be interesting to know more about, if you are interested in sugar alternatives, though.

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3 thoughts on “Slim Goodbody

  1. dm

    So, how many cups did you drink?

  2. Linda

    Almost every day in Korea I would pass a pharmacy which had a most humorous sign in the window. It had a picture of a rather plump asian woman in a red dress.. then a singing toilet…. then the same woman only skinny this time. We Americans had our guesses to what it was, and would joke around about making your toilet sing. I finally asked one of the Koreans, and she told me that it was an advertisment for a certain type of tea that made you lose weight. She said that her mother used it and it made her go to the bathroom all day long. But she lost weight! lol

  3. Unknown

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