I’m BAA-ack!

Today starts my second week back at Ault Inc. in Brooklyn Park.  It is only 3 miles from our apartment. 
A few new faces, but many more old and familiar.  Blanche’s plants retain some green through their struggle to survive the changes in the office.  Does anyone know if there are indoor plants that don’t require too much sunlight…herbs or peppers would be nice…
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3 thoughts on “I’m BAA-ack!

  1. Unknown

    ferns, ferns, ferns… actually, there are plenty of low light plants available even at Lowe’s or Home depot. How many hours are you working?

  2. Katrina

    20 hours or less. We’re still figuring out what my responsibilities are. Kevin is afraid that I will quit if he gives me too much to do!

  3. dm

    If you can tolerate an ivy, they don’t need a lot of light. Also, a hearty peace lily works great at our home. All I do is water both every other week, and both plants are doing just fine. We also have a fern (I think), and it’s ok, but has a few dead leaves on it. I water it as often as the other plants.

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