I remember my mom having bruised shins from the dishwasher door. Like mother, like daughter I suppose…although I’m  just plain clumsy! Both of my ankles are bruised from the window fan we had on a chair in the bedroom, and my upper right arm will soon have a purplish mark from the blender. It jumped out at me! Honest! Maybe it doesn’t like making strawberry milkshakes for Joel every night ( :

On the serious side of things, though:

Please pray for my cousin’s daughter, Breanna Rowe. She went back into the hospital because her platelet count is back down to 9000. They are giving her an infusion today.

They have to monitor everything she does because the risk of internal bleeding is so great. At this point if she gets hit hard enough or cuts herself there is the chance of her bleeding to death.

The recovery time is anywhere from 2 months to 2 years, it just depends on how her body responds.

This is going to be a very trying time for Breanna and the whole family. She is already bored and doesn’t understand why she can’t do anything. The family covets everyone’s prayers in the hopes that she will heal very quickly.

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