Some Tolkien

Joel’s Mother does rather nicely at needle-work. So, naturally, Joel encourages me in the home-arts. My pattern is from a book cover off the internet. The picture was too small to see the exact shapes, so I ½ made it up.

The book is Tree and Leaf. Ballantine Books summarizes as follows:

…contains Professor Tolkien’s famous essay on the form of the fairy story and its particular values of Fantasy, Recovery, Escape and consolation, followed by the story "Leaf by Niggle" which illustrates the ideas suggested.

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One thought on “Some Tolkien

  1. Unknown

    Your embroidery is very nice; the tree seems lively. I would like to do more embroidery, but it seems like the kids mess up the threads and such. I suppose that is one reason why girls were set to working on their own so early in centuries past. Have you tried any other types of handiwork?I did cross-stitch while Jim was out to see, but I seem to mess up while counting stitches. Every once in a while I do some embroidery on a dress or blanket. For the most part I stick to sewing clothes and quilts… although I am falling way behind in Jim’s quilt! Better get back to work!

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