Patricia Coelho e mailed the recipe for Brasilian Cheese Rolls. Pao de Queijo calls for manioc starch, so I decided to visit the OrientalAfrican grocery on the way home. There were various packages of white powder on the shelves last time I took a walk there, so I was pretty confident they would be able to supply me. Sure enough, they had flours and starches of all sorts–except manioc…or so I thought. So, I drove down to the Asian Food mart, then to the Mexican Tienda with the same results. Deciding to look up what manioc was and what I could possibly substitute, I came across several box mixes that said something about Colombia on them. They had pictures of breads, so I picked one to try (see attached picture). I’m waiting for Joel’s mom to tell me what kind of cheese to use before I deep fry them, since the box didn’t specify other than (as Joel translated it) "scratched" or "ground".

Oh, and by the way, I must admit that I’m not too bright. Patricia’s recipe (which I had in hand at the stores) clearly notes that manioc starch comes with the name "Tapioca flour". The 3rd page even has a picture of a bag of the stuff! Ooops. I’ll just have to pick it up in the international aisle at Cub this weekend ( :

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