We drove back in the rain after a quick trip to Loome’s Bookstore in Stillwater. Joel invested in several good finds downtown, but we didn’t purchase anything at the theological branch in the church on the hill. The walk was good, and the temperatures were not as extreme within the building as they are often prone.

Schmidt’s Music did not have the score for Handel’s Chandos Anthems, so we proceeded to Coyote Grill for "my kind of hamburger" (Joel) before checking out what the library could offer.

Coyote Grill moved into an abandoned Chi-Chi’s restaurant. Blue tile lines the archways, and the windows are stained glass. Painted borders are wearing off the table tops, but the wood still shines. Joel suggests we buy it, because the main area would make a grand hall with its brick fireplace. The side halls could be filled with raised beds for sleeping, and the booth area converted into baths.

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3 thoughts on “Haste

  1. Andy Rupert

    Buy it and start a theological discussion chamber (Bible Study) accompanied by good coffee, tea, and hamburgers to die for. I like the idea!

  2. Unknown

    call it Gravitas Grille…or Bash Cafe

  3. dm

    How about "Daily Bread Diner"?

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