Hell’s Kitchen

What is Reality? At least for my coworkers, the television is a major influence on forming their definition. Every week, if not every day, the chatter revolves around shows like Survivor and American Idol. Yes, I will have to admit that Joel and I watched bits and pieces of Elimidate and Fear Factor in the early days. TRASH.

Sooo. Most recently, they (General Mills coworkers) have entered Hell’s Kitchen with Chef Ramsey. Should I sample the program? Just a taste? Surely I could use my spit-cup if it is not pallatable.

The websites aren’t cooperating this morning, so I can’t extensively research for you.

The one review I did print out suggests that the "wannabe Cordon-Blu" contestants "fear and respect" the "pro soccer player-turned-Michelin-starred-chef". Another terribly inaccurate definition! How can the world give any respect to such an rude, arrogant man whose vocabulary too often includes the "F- word"?

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2 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen

  1. Linda

    Maybe that’s another added blessing of living in Korea. I have never heard of "Hell’s Kitchen". We don’t get nearly as many of the American shows as are available in the states (obviously). Sounds like a "winner" of a show! lol I am very surprised that Korea’s cable has the Food Network just like America. Well, I say "Just like"…. It does have a lot of the cooking shows that America has, but then it also has a lot of Korean shows. I haven’t really watched any of them all the way through since they are in Korean, but my favorite (just because of the name) is "Big Mama’s Kitchen." Gotta love it! Oh yeah.. Martha’s back…. It seems that ever since Martha Stewart was released from prison that her show has started up over here again. Is it the same in the states?

  2. dm

    I LOVE Iron Chef! It’s Japanese (American dubbed over), but it’s a hoot to watch! I don’t know if it’s still on, or if they only do reruns now. Lori and I love to watch shows about Real Estate (wonder why?) to get a few ideas about our own makeover for our condo!

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