Everyone but Ben came to the March Bash (He was preparing to speak for the church at Boy River). Philip talked about Rembrandt, and Eric led a discussion on performance and criticism (I didn’t get to hear much of it, since I was puttering around cleaning up and seeing what the children were doing). There was lots of good food: Various salads, baked zucchini & tomatoes, olives, dates, eggplant with tina sauce, hummus & fresh baked pita bread, skewered meatballs with avocado-yogurt dip or tomato-pesto sauce, and Deborah’s layered pudding dessert (with coffee of course!). We made a little bit of progress on plans for this summer’s retreat. If St. Olaf won’t provide food, we will not reserve space in the dormitories. Sooo, then we would look at our options here in the Twin Cities. The minimum we will do is to reserve a private room at a restaurant. Ryan is taking suggestions for discussions, speakers, etc. to be included on the schedule.
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One thought on “Bash-full

  1. Deborah

    I really like your title, Katrina! Thanks for hosting the bash; you are a good host!

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