We both smoke.  Joel, his frenkincense and myrrh.  Me, meat.

I spent the greater part of the morning preparing for tomorrow’s lunch.  I’ve only ever smoked salmon before.  That was in the kitchen at school where they have nice, big exhaust hoods.  In our apartment the exhaust fan is in the bathroom, so when I broil things (oops! too long!)  the smoke alarm may go off, and Joel rushes to open the windows.  I’m suprised that the clouds from the myrrh doesn’t set it off…

Mrs. Ann Hauser and I share March 16th as our birth date, and she will be 80 this year.  Her joke is that we are twins ( a long delivery of 55 years in length!).  We’ve tried to have Dr. & Mrs. H over to celebrate in past years, but we’ve had to cancel due to inclement weather.  This Sunday we decided to invite the Whites as well.

Mrs. Hauser volunteered to bring 1-potato-egg salad, so I built the menu around that.  Both she and Jen White are staying away from white flours, potatoes, rice, etc. AND sugar, so there IS a little bit of a (welcome) challenge.  Nuts are out too.  The girls  (Sophia & Olivia) were talking about fresh peas from their garden.  The closest I can come in Minnesota March is frozen peas for our veggie.  Jen is brining a low-carb pumpkin dessert.

Well. My aluminium foil sealed in the smoke from the mesquite wood chips, nicely. We’ll see tomorrow if the artichoke mustard sauce compliments the smoked chicken…you never now with those healthy cook books!

Something to think about… In context, of course:

Revelation 8:4  And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand.




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7 thoughts on “Smokers

  1. Linda

    Sounds good Katrina! You’ll have to tell me how it turns out. April, Elaine, and I all enjoy trying new things here as well. We have a huge challenge though. We don’t have an oven! If we want to use an oven, we have to either go to school, or to the Fitch’s. Even then, ovens here are very small. You can only fit one cookie sheet in at a time. So when you bake, you have to set aside double the time you would use in the states. Uggghhhh. I’ll take that back. If we go to Kris’ apartment, his oven is big enough for 2 cookie sheets. But, he lives approximately an hour away. Ingredients are different here as well. Light brown sugar doesn’t pack, the dark brown sugar does though. If you use the dark brown sugar, it makes everything extremely dark. Oh well! lol The milk tastes different, the eggs aren’t refrigerated, beef is tremendously expensive (think over $4/lb for ground beef) , some spices are very hard to get.. the list can go on! We have found ways to compensate though. Having fun!

  2. Deborah

    The meal was delicious! Thanks, Katrina. I’m glad you guys smoke :).

  3. dm

    Hey, Katie!!!That picture of the meal next to Joel’s is a picture from a cookbook, right? That’s something YOU didn’t create! Lori’s meals are VERY good, but we both laugh at the fact the meals NEVER look like the one’s in the cookbooks! Just as yumy, but not picture perfect!Have fun blogging! Joel is in BIG trouble now that you’re on the web!

  4. Unknown

    I wish I could smoke… I’ll have to learn how you did it, Katrina. When I cook bacon our smoke alarm goes off, so I can just guess what would happen if I tried smoking something. I am a little jealous of your food challenges. My challenges consist of getting my kids to try something new. Last night we tried some beef and stir fried veggies with noodles. I didn’t use the packaged sauce, just a marinade of soy sauce, garlic and onion with the oil. It wasn’t very strong in oriental taste, but still James wouldn’t eat the veggies. He did eat the beef, though! Dorothy added Parmesan cheese, of all things…Happy Birthday, baby sister! Your card is in the mail. Do you have plans to celebrate?

  5. Katrina

    The picture was sent to me by my mother-in-law. I believe that it is growing in the narrow passage way outside the kitchen, where she hangs clothes to dry.

  6. dm

    I didn’t know you were Italian? Hey, Pizano!

  7. Katrina

    The smoking was done on the stovetop. I put my cookie cooling rack over a handful of mesquite wood chips in a disposable aluminum pan. After pounding the chicken breasts to somewhat even thicknesses, they were placed on the rack. Just wrap the pan with foil, and put the pan on the stove over med-high heat for 6-8 minutes. I don’t know about a gas stove, though. We have electric coils. Next, remove the chips, so that the smoke flavor isn’t too strong. To finish the meat off, either add water and steam, or put in the oven until cooked through.

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